Allow me to introduce myself.  I… Am… VISEGRIP!  I’m a heinous villain, pursuing my passions with the highest and purest of goals in mind… Profit motive!  I make movies with my poor hapless young female abductees for your entertainment, and here is where I offer them for sale to you!  Yeah, it’s a pretty sweet gig.

My main shtick is my hanging women movies, made with the world’s only patent-pending harness system that allows suspension and nakedness at the same time. But I have many other ways to torture a female, with asphyxiation, lasers, and other good stuff.  Just check out the MOVIES  page to see what I’ve got.


This is the best and easiest venue to buy through.  Just click the button below the video description that says “Buy Through Gumroad” and a purchase window will pop up.  This is the preferred way to buy as they charge me the least amount which gives me more money to spend on models and make you more movies with!


Hanging Women

Hanging Women

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Introducing…. Hangette Honey!